sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Ang Doll

Uma artista, contato no Flickr, me solicitou uma troca. Ela se apaixonou por minha boneca Debbie e logo foi dizendo " por favor, com um balão de coração azul!!! ". Aí está o resultado, espero que gostem. Ela foi feita em paperclay.

Altermyworld2, a friend from Flickr, asked me to make her a doll with a blue heart balloon...here it is!! Ang Doll was made of paperclay (Creative Paperclay)

2 comentários:

  1. Christianne-
    Love this blue girl, wish she was coming to live with me! Thank you for mentioning me in regards to the blog hop, that was nice of you! I haven't been around much lately to update the blog or visit the ones I follow- so busy since school started! Take care! C

  2. Chris, glad to know that you like Ang doll. She was a trading that I´ve made with a Flicker friend from Canadá, Ang doll is already there! My Ang Doll has sisters...xoxo...maybe we can trade with one of your wonderful dolls, what do you thing?